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ZOOM360°™ is an all inclusive program for your desktop printer fleet that includes toner, consumable parts and service of your existing printers.

Imagine one vendor, one invoice, one service provider, one supply source, all at a reduced cost of up to 25%. Our ZOOM360°™ FREE Assessment uses a data-driven approach to gain a comprehensive understanding of your entire document management infrastructure, allowing us to create a detailed plan for greater efficiency, productivity and cost savings.

It begins with our five step ZOOM360°™ process.


In this preliminary meeting, we define the strategic direction and the objectives of your company.


At this stage, we set the baseline measures for the strategic direction and objectives of the company.


Integrated tools and techniques are used to collect and analyze data to develop concrete, actionable guidelines for achieving true workflow optimization.


During this stage, we identify all the opportunities for improvement – from hardware to sustainable working practices.


We outline an action plan of periodic reviews to focus on continuous improvements.

Each recommendation is designed to deliver concrete, actionable guidelines that bring disciplined benefits to support your objectives.

How does that benefit YOU?

  1. The first and foremost consideration is to improve your bottom line. In many cases, we are able to reduce workflow expenditures by up to 30%.
  2. It is nearly impossible to make improvements around areas that are uncertain. The ZOOM360°™ Assessment provides clear visibility into your current technology and workflow infrastructure.
  3. Utilize Zoom as an outsourced partner so your internal employees can focus on business critical activities.
  4. Become more environmentally friendly with solutions designed to save on energy consumption and waste.
  5. Eliminate security risks associated with the flow of information. Our solutions follow federal and state guidelines and are industry-specific.
  6. We operate as your trusted advisor and continuously evaluate your infrastructure to accommodate any changes in your business environment.