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Digital Signage

Ellumina Digital Signage Services

The digital display market is rapidly evolving and our Digital Signage masters are ready to help you navigate through it from start to finish. With different levels of customization, we offer everything from content management to design and implementation with our Ellumina Digital Signage services. Our team will work with your business to help you deliver the right message to the right place, at the right time and the right price.

From indoor and outdoor digital displays, video walls, interactive touch panels and QSR menu boards to custom-designed interactive customer experiences, your digital signage will be supported by powerful technology platforms for managing content. Learn more about the services our masters can offer.


Deliver engaging interactive customer experiences with Virtuoso, our line of digital solutions that use the latest touch-screen technology. Take users from passive to active by providing appealing self service experiences.

From initial consultation to design to content creation to implementation, our team works with each client to build an engaging customer experience that will help drive sales, educate, inform or entertain, depending on your objectives. It’s our job to help your customers see you in a whole new light.


Virtuoso is an impactful, cost-effective solution designed for high-use environments. Inform, educate, entertain or influence in a meaningful way leveraging new content and existing media—images, videos, individual flash files, documents, websites, audio files, 3D models, public or private APIs, external data sources and more. Deepen user interaction by allowing users to explore content in a unique and engaging fashion.

Our content masters work closely with each client to understand their objectives and then collaborate with designers to build an application to achieve those objectives, bundling it with a state-of-the-art touch-screen display and enclosure.


Keep your digital signage up to date and always engaging with Toshiba’s Experience Manager. This cloud-based solution provides sophisticated planning, distribution and management of digital content across a network of displays. From simple play loops to frequently changing content that is hyper-targeted, Experience Manager allows for simple, real-time deployment.

We offer a breadth of capabilities to easily deliver and manage communications at a low monthly cost. Service plans can be comprehensive or singular as you need, and always with a secure operating system for maximum uptime. Once an installation is complete, Toshiba’s masters will provide ongoing support to keep your messaging relevant and current.

Experience Manager

This cloud-based solution allows you to plan, distribute, and manage digital content across a network of displays. With its open architecture, custom solutions are easy and won’t take up your valuable time, resources or budget. With its drag-and-drop convenience, customizable dashboards and rich interactive reports, you can be sure your content and messaging are effective. Using Experience Manager, administrators have full visibility and control over their network at all times, giving them the power to make adjustments as needed.