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To Our Competitors

We acknowledge and appreciate the frustration you may be experiencing with that small, new, start-up business or the big conglomerate that doesn’t have time for its employees. As a wholly-owned subsidiary of Xerox Corporation, the world’s leading enterprise for business processes and document management, we still have that down-to-earth, mom and pop family feel.

Once you’ve confirmed the fact that we do have this incredible focus on raving customer loyalty with an unbeatable work atmosphere, why don’t you just call us? We’re always looking for Account Executives who are intelligent enough to know the competition and want the best for their clients. ZOOM is a team-oriented company full of ambitious, go-getter individuals with a work-hard, play-hard mentality.

Unlike most institutions in our industry, we aggressively advertise and provide our Account executives with all the leads they can handle. This allows you to do, what you do best. With headquarters centrally located in Sacramento, CA, we strategically placed offices through out Northern and Central California, the Bay Area and Central Coast to better meet the needs of our customers and employees.

In addition to an exceptional support staff and competitive programs, we offer a benefits package with insurance, 401k etc…etc…. Did we mention that our Account Executives consistently make above industry average income?

We’re currently in the process of increasing our sales team to assist us with the abundance of calls we receive daily. Help us with our problem by bringing your talent over here to help us take care of our customers.


Ed Roe
200 S. Harding Blvd
Roseville, CA 95678
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