Customer Statement and Q & A

General Statement:

Understanding copier hard drive security is an industry-wide concern, Toshiba and Zoom began offering hard drive encryption as a product option in 2004, and as a standard feature on all new Toshiba-manufactured models containing hard disk drives in June 2008. We offer a variety of consumer information resources on document protection.
Toshiba and Zoom place a high priority on the security of their customers' confidential information. For more information about hard drive security, please visit the Security section of the Toshiba Website at


Q1: Are my documents safe?

A1: If you have installed and enabled either the Toshiba Scrambler Board/Encryption Kit and/or the Data Overwrite Kit for the life of the product, the answer is yes. If you haven't enabled these features, there is a possibility that stored documents can be retrieved by an individual with access to the machine.
For customers that have concerns about their data, we recommend that they contact us to discuss options.

Q2: What do I do if I'm concerned about copier security?

A2: There are several things consumers and Zoom customers can do if they are concerned about copier security:

  1. Review the expansive written information available on the subject at
  2. Ask your Zoom sales representative for a custom "Security Assessment" which analyzes possible security risks and then provides a tailored security plan for implementation.
  3. Check with the IT manager in charge of any specific copier you are concerned about to determine what, if any, security features have been enabled on that specific machine.

Q3: What can I do to make my copier/MFP more secure?

A3: There are several things people can do to make their Toshiba-manufactured copier/MFP more secure:

  1. If you are purchasing a new copier/MFP, ask to have your standard encryption package enabled before beginning use. This will encrypt documents scanned into the hard drive and render them unreadable in the event the hard drive is hacked into.
  2. If you are looking to secure an existing copier/MFP that has been in use for some time, you may want to consider a data overwrite kit that wipes the hard drive clean of existing documents, leaving nothing for hackers to retrieve.
  3. If you are at the end of your lease on your copier/MFP, you can have the hard drive "scrubbed" to ensure all data ever stored is removed.

Please note that there are fees associated with all of these features. You can speak with a Zoom sales representative for price quotes specific to your copier/MFP model.

Q4: If encryption is a standard feature (on Toshiba-manufactured models since June 2008) then why doesn't it come enabled?

A4: The level of required security is the decision of the user/lessee. Some customers are comfortable with wiping the hard drive clean at the end of its use and do not feel the need for encryption.

Q5: How much will it cost for me to ensure my copier/MFP is secure?

A5: A Zoom sales representative can provide you with a price quote specific to your copier/MFP model and security needs.

Q6: Why do I have to pay to have my hard drive "scrubbed"?

A6: There is a labor cost associated with wiping a hard drive clean to ensure it is done properly, and that required firmware is still intact before return.

Q7: Can't I just erase all the files from the hard drive myself before returning it?

A7: Only Toshiba factory-trained technicians have the tools and knowledge required to "scrub" the copier hard drive without potentially damaging the machine, voiding the warranty or breaching the terms of your service agreement. We therefore recommend that customers do not try to "scrub" their copier hard drives themselves

Q8: What happened to the leased copiers we returned previously?

A8: At the end of a lease, used copiers are returned to the leasing company (not Toshiba). We can't confirm whether any data remained accessible on the hard drive, nor whether or not information was erased.

Q9: Isn't Toshiba/Zoom responsible for the security of my copier?

A9: Toshiba, like other copier manufacturers, does offer a wide variety of security-enhancing features that are available to customers as either standard features or options. Similar to a computer or cell phone, the level of copier security enabled is ultimately the decision of the owner/operator, based on need.

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