• The Fujitsu fi-6240 Scanner: The fastest, most advanced scanner in its class(*)
  • Fast, 60 ppm/120 ipm scanning in monochrome and grayscale
  • Best in class 300 dpi color scanning at 40 ppm/80 ipm
  • First scanner of its kind to offer Intelligent MultiFeed Function (iMFF) as well as advanced Paper Protection technology
  • Robust 50-page Automatic Document Feeder (ADF) with enhanced hard and embossed card scanning; easily scans credit or healthcare cards)
  • Comes with full versions of Kofax® VRS® Professional, Adobe® Acrobat® Standard, and ScandAll Pro imaging software
  • One-year Limited Warranty with available Advance Exchange program
  • *The fi-6240 belongs to the class of A4 ADF color scanners whose scanning speeds meet or exceed 40 ppm / 80 ipm (color, A4, 200 dpi). This statement stood true as of October 2007
Product Features
Scan Features
The Fujitsu fi-6240 Scanner: High Performance and Advanced Features in a Compact Design
The fi-6240 scanner scans an impressive 60 pages or 120 images per-minute in monochrome or grayscale (Letter @ 200dpi) as well as 40 pages or 80 images per-minute in color (Letter @ 300dpi). Furthermore, the Fujitsu fi-6240 model is one of the first scanners in its class to adopt high-end “fi series” functions, including:
Paper Protection technology: Protects valuable documents by halting the scanning process when it recognizes that a jam is about to occur.
Intelligent MultiFeed Function (iMFF): Simplifies pre-scanning preparation and improves efficiency by ignoring documents that trigger false multifeed alerts such as a photo or sticky note.
Intelligent Capture Correction Function (iCCF): Auto-color recognition, auto-size detection, and auto de-skew correction provides dramatic efficiency by combining fast scanning with simultaneous high speed image processing.
Additionally, the fi-6240 offers ultrasonic double-feed detection and scans long documents of up to 10 feet. It connects easily via dual ultra-SCSI and USB 2.0 interfaces and allows for embossed card scanning. Finally, the Fujitsu fi-6240 scanner can continuously feed up to 3 hard cards (up to 1.4 mm thick) through the Auto Document Feeder (ADF).
Fully–Loaded, One-Box Document Imaging Solution
The Fujitsu fi-6240 scanner gets your business up and scanning right out of the box. With a valuable imaging software bundle, including full versions of Kofax VRS® Professional, Adobe® Acrobat® Standard, and ScandAll Pro software, users can access image enhancement functionality as well as having the option of scanning directly to PDF, file, print or batch.