• Up to 4,200 sq. ft. / hour in b&w
  • Up to 3,500 sq. ft. / hour in color
  • CMYK dry toner system
  • Range of media types
  • Waterproof & lightfast images
Product Features
Printer Features
The KIP C7800 is a color and black & white high production print system. The system is a comprehensive solution for all types of wide format printing tasks that require the highest levels of quality and performance. The system's workflow provides powerful print control for any production environment from a range of print submission applications, cloud printing, scan & copy, variable data printing and fully integrated stacking and folding.
The KIP C7800 saves serious time and money – making ultra high quality wide format printing more cost effective than ever before. Printing is faster. Operation is simpler. Finishing is automatic. Reliability keeps you up and running. Image quality will keep your customers coming back for more.
High Speed B&W Printing
The KIP C7800 produces black & white prints at a blazing 4,200 square feet/418 sq. m. per hour, making it competitive with the print production generated by dedicated black and white LED print systems.
High Speed Color Printing
With an operational speed of up to 3,500 square feet/325 sq. m. of color print production per hour, the KIP C7800 is the single most productive wide format LED color print system.
Touchscreen Control
A large touchscreen makes operation simple, even for personnel without special training. All major system functions are available at your fingertips from a single interface.
Media Capacity
The KIP C7800 easily accommodates high demand printing and long unattended runs via three integrated, auto-loading media roll drawers. The system handles media rolls from 11" to 36"/297mm to 914mm wide and provides ultra fast switching between rolls for collated sets of varying sizes or media types with no delay between prints.
Stacking & Folding
The KIP C7800 integrated stacking system improves the efficiency and productivity of your print production environment by providing a convenient place to stack multiple prints. The KIP C7800 integrated folding and finishing system automates wide-format document finishing by providing folding, stacking and collation in a compact design.
Copying & Scanning
The KIP C7800 provides efficient, high speed hard-copy reproduction workflow. Exceptional image quality is achieved through true 600 x 600 dpi optical resolution via a choice of integrated KIP scanner with advanced optics and delicate original transport process for pixel-perfect images.
Black & White and Full Color Printing
The C7800 color and b&w LED production printing system is based on a unique design that lowers the individual operational costs of both Color and B&W print production.
Image Quality
Four advanced KIP LED imaging heads provide outstanding 600 x 2400 DPI resolution LED imaging heads provide direct toner application during process for razor sharp details.
Production Printing
The KIP C7800 print system offers superb resolution at remarkable print speeds:
Up to 4,200 sq. ft./390 sq. m. hour in b&w
Up to 3,500 sq. ft.325 sq. m. hour in color
Quick Switch Technology
KIP C7800 print technology eliminates roll switching delays for increased productivity. Three media decks and an auto sheet feeder deliver mixed print sizes at full production speed.
Media Load Assist
An ergonomic spindle system simplifies the process of loading the 4,500 sq. ft./418 sq. m. media capacity and the printer automatically advances the media without user assistance.
Easy Trim
A button is conveniently located in each media deck for quick, automatic roll trimming after loading. This simple process ensures reliable and accurate performance for continuous print production.
Large Capacity Toner Cartridges
Each CMYK cartridge contains 1,000gms of toner for a total capacity of 4,000gms – allowing longer uninterrupted color and b&w print runs for continuous system productivity.
Automatic Image Calibration
An exclusive single belt drive system performs automatic media calibrations for precise imaging, and bold, expressive color output. This simplifies changing media suppliers or types.
Extended Print Lengths
For maximum productivity and operator efficiency, the KIP C7800 handles print images up to 130'/39 meters in length on any media type from any of its 3 integrated media roll decks.