ScanSnap S1500

  • The ScanSnap S1500 provides Windows® users an effective way to greatly reduce paper clutter, storage space, and security risk associated with unmanaged paperwork at home or office. Even better, documents scanned by ScanSnap take on a higher level of accessibility and usefulness once liberated into the digital realm.
  • ScanSnap S1500 Closed Feeder
  • Compact Color Duplex Scanner for Microsoft ® Windows ®
  • One button searchable PDF creation
  • Intelligent paper feed detection
  • Blazing 20ppm color scanning
  • 50-page Automatic Document Feeder (ADF)
  • Comes with Adobe® Acrobat® 9 Standard
Product Features
Scan Features
Easily Transform Paper with the Touch of a Button
Achieving organization with the ScanSnap S1500 starts with the touch of a single button and ends with a host of productivity features that keep you ahead of the stack.
Scan to:
Searchable PDF
Word (editable)
Excel (editable)
Business Cards
Intelligent Scan Correction
ScanSnap converts disorganization into order with intelligent features that work behind the scenes to correct images so you don't have to.
Auto Color Detection
Auto Rotation
Blank Page Removal
Straightens and Crops
Auto Quality
Fast Double-Sided Scanning
Typically, higher quality means lower performance, but the S1500 maintains a speed of up to 20 pages per minute even at 300 dpi in Color!
Advanced Paper Detection
ScanSnap S1500 is now equipped with an ultrasonic sensor that can be turned on to help operators avoid losing images. What's more, an interactive interface allows users to easily bypass intentional double- feeds such as a taped-receipt on expense report
Compatible with PC or Mac
The ScanSnap S1500 works on both Mac and PC operating systems, making flexibility and portability a breeze.
USB Bus Power for Ultimate Portability
The ScanSnap S1500 can be powered by the PC or Mac’s USB port* when an AC power source is not available.
*When using the USB bus power cable, the PC must have two USB ports; one for power feeding and the other for USB cable connection. AC adapter also provided
Productivity Software for Mac
Cardiris Business Card Software
ScanSnap S1500 can quickly scan a business card, extract the information, and place it into editable fields that can be exported to Entourage and Address Book.
Productivity Software for PC
ScanSnap Organizer
View, manage, and edit PDF and JPEG files scanned with ScanSnap on a Windows platform. Organizer allows users to convert scanned PDF files into searchable content, embed custom keywords, attach to email or SharePoint, and remain productive with paperwork long after it Is scanned.
Cardminder Business Card Software
ScanSnap S1500 also quickly scans loads of business cards, extracts the contact information, and places it into editable fields that can be exported to Excel, Outlook, and other contact managers.
Scan to Mobile
With the free ScanSnap Connect app operators can link* their ScanSnap to their iPad or iPhone for viewing on the go.
*Requires compatible PC to Mac Computer and a Wi-Fi connection to mobile device
More Ways to Scan to the cloud
Scan to:
Google Docs
Salesforce Chatter
SharePoint (PC only)*