Drivve | Image

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Product Features
Keeping every team member up to speed through easy access to vital information is equally paramount. After all, it's shared knowledge that is your organization's greatest asset (a little thing called Civilization was built on it). At Drivve, we understand exactly how knowledge sharing makes a company tick, how disseminating intelligence as fast and efficiently as possible is essential to your success. It’s what makes us such a unique company.
Drivve | Image is designed not only to connect scanners and MFPs to networks (something we do exceptionally well), but also to connect you and your team to each other and to the knowledge that makes your company run. Each module of the Drivve | Image suite works to build an Intelligence Engine™ that networks your vital company data (customers, products, services, support, etc.) together with the free flow of your digital documents, which are formatted and stored in a way that makes the most sense to you and your team.
With Drivve | Image, speed is a by-product of incredible efficiency. So accelerating your workflow isn't a matter of grappling with things coming at you faster. It's about your operations running faster for you. Processes that typically take several minutes to complete when done manually can now be finished in a matter of microseconds — automatically.
When time consuming and costly manual processes have to be done by valuable team members, it upsets the most delicate of balancing acts that your organization has to perform every minute of every day — the one that runs along your bottom line. The Drivve | Image suite comes to the rescue by giving you powerful modules that, even when used all on their own, bring the power of automation to bear directly and positively on your operating costs.
Take blank-page separation, for example: just turn it on and you'll never waste precious time waiting at a copier, feeding individual documents into the feeder one at a time, ever again. But the interesting part comes when you start using all of the modules together as one dynamic synchronized system: bar coding, eForms, filename generation, Bates stamping, batch processing, email blasting, fax broadcasting, OCR, file format conversion, automated indexing. You can do all this (and more) at the touch of a single button.
Once your office has dropped Drivve software under the hood, you'll be running so lean, the competition will be left in the dust.
At Drivve, we’ve made knowing how today’s best organizations implement digital document systems our top priority. Drivve | Image is the result of years of experience working at the heart of businesses both large and small, accumulating an intimate understanding of the crucial role that intelligent input plays in the larger scheme of digitizing your office.
We’ve put together what can only be described as a programmable ignition system for your document-based office tasks. It’s a complete toolbox that anyone with basic IT skills can use to create custom solutions or workflows for each of your scan-related jobs. By using the Database and Exchange | Fax Connector, Drivve | Image basically hooks a really big brain up to your network, so all of your document-based management keeps on flowing.
The most obvious is access, who's got it, who doesn't, and whether security management is straightforward, thorough and foolproof. Just how safe is your network and the vital information stored in it? Less evident, but just as important, is how confident you are that your images are being processed correctly. In other words, how accurate is the index information used to structure the archive, and what assurance do you have that you’ll always be able to find what you need when you need it most?
With Drivve | Image, you get 100% integration with MS Active Directory. And the powerful Drivve | Image features also have a powerful simplicity, which assures accuracy and reduces human error to near zero. For example, take our Database Connector. It integrates the data you already work with every day with the images you are currently entering into your system. Using your ERP or CRM information as index information for your scans guarantees that your images are always perfectly tagged. And the Active Directory allows current-user information to be automatically and seamlessly used as index info to make the same guarantees. Just a few of the ways we’ve got you covered.
We take great pains to pull all of our technological and creative resources together to make your work life richer. For most people at your company, the unparalleled usability of Drivve | Image isn't really an issue. Why? Because with every scan-related task they won't even know they’re using it.
In reality, most of the lifting is done by the Administrator who configures all the automated processes that Drivve | Image offers. Notice we didn't say heavy lifting. That's because Drivve | Image is so easy to use at every level. Three simple steps — Input, Processing, Output — are all you need to go through to create automated workflows that will save your team weeks, months, even years of man-hours. Savings that are transported directly, as the crow flies, to your bottom line.