Zoom Imaging Solutions, Inc.


Toshiba Document Solutions combine Toshiba e-STUDIO systems with powerful software applications and targeted business process improvements to enable you to more effectively distribute, manage, and organize your documents.

One of these software applications is Re-Rite powered by Redmap Software. Re-Rite is a software service program that allows users to convert paper documents into editable file formats on the fly and then distribute those files to a shared network folder, an Email address or both. Re-Rite is accessed through the control panel on a Toshiba e-STUDIO multifunction device. The user simply inserts a document into the automatic document feeder and presses a template button on the control panel. Re-Rite then takes over and converts the file and distributes it as defined in the setup.

Because Re-Rite performs as a service in the background, there is only a single license rather than licensing by the number of users or number of devices. There is virtually no limit to the number of users and the number of devices that interact with Re-Rite. Re-Rite watches an “in” folder for scanned files, which it then converts and places in an “out” folder for retrieval.