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drivve|image - Brains and Brawn for your Scanner

The eDocument revolution begins where the paper trail ends — in the input tray of your scanner. While it's true that a significant percentage of the docs that end up in a DMS are generated in electronic form and imported directly into a database, offices everywhere still push a tremendous amount of paper. How to make the jump from this paper trail into the digital fast lane becomes the strategic question for anyone wanting to get work flowing — smoothly and efficiently.

Drivve | Image is turbocharged scanning software that makes that jump as easy as putting on your blinker. By bringing together feature-rich, customizable modules that are highly intelligent and ridiculously user-friendly, Drivve | Image turns your scanner or MFP into an exceptionally integrative workflow engine. In fact, Drivve | Image transforms your entire network of input devices into a responsive, finely tuned programmable ignition system for these workflows. And with its simple installation and easy configuration, everyone in your organization can accelerate to full-blown office synchronization — to office automation that puts the force back in workforce.

drivve|dm - Browser Powered Document Management

Welcome to a new era in browser power. Drivve takes the very concept of a browser-based document management system to its limit with a best-in-class interface design that will soon be the envy of the industry. And under the hood, we’ve packed a tremendous amount of muscle, revving Web 2.0 technologies and enabling you to tap into your Live Archive™ from Safari, Firefox, and Internet Explorer anytime, anywhere — without any of the fuss (high maintenance) that’s so often associated with big business applications. With Drivve | DM, you get the Fort Knox of doc databases surrounded by an intelligence engine that amplifies traditional DM competencies by X dimensions of speed, power, security, connectivity and usability.

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Drivve | Image
  • Brains and Brawn for your scanner
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