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Adobe® LeanPrint


It's the greatest leap forward in recent printing technology. It's Adobe® LeanPrint, and Toshiba has collaborated with Adobe to bring it to you.

LeanPrint is a desktop print optimization software that reduces paper and toner consumption by optimizing the page layout. Using LeanPrint, organizations can achieve an average savings of 37 percent on paper and toner savings of 43 percent when printing typical office documents.

LeanPrint utilizes revolutionary technology that changes the way individuals and businesses print documents through a set of plugins for Microsoft® Excel™, Microsoft® Word, Adobe® Acrobat®, Adobe® Reader®, and Internet Explorer® and Firefox Web browsers. The plugins are installed inside the applications and enable a print path that is as easy as the existing methods of printing.

As more and more organizations are looking to print less, LeanPrint is an essential tool to help meet these goals. While there are other complimentary solutions that help companies reduce their print costs by reducing waste or by changing the user's print behavior, LeanPrint works entirely different. What makes LeanPrint different is its approach. It focuses on the document and through print optimization and toner optimization, reduces organizations printing costs.

For every supported document file format, LeanPrint has an ideal print output. LeanPrint first displays a preview, so that users can see the final document prior to sending it to the printer. LeanPrint analyzes the document structure to create a print-optimized layout and prints documents in two modes: Super Saver and Toner Saver. In Super Saver mode LeanPrint saves both paper and while Toner Saver solely reduces toner consumption.

Print Lean...Clean & Green

With the single click of the print button, you start to save. Your documents are reformatted so they are easier to read, use less paper & toner and are easier to archive. Set Adobe LeanPrint to save toner, or save toner and paper. Track your paper and toner savings per print and over time with the LeanPrint Savings Bar.

Like every innovation Toshiba offers, LeanPrint delivers not just greater efficiency, but fine-tuned control over your print environment.

The Science Behind LeanPrint

Adobe LeanPrint isn't a shrink-to-fit or draft-mode program. It's software that uses intelligent technology to re-format pages; optimizing space, readability and toner. The results are beautifully laid-out pages that lose nothing, except waste.

To learn more about the revolutionary science behind LeanPrint technology, CLICK HERE.

Experience the Ease of LeanPrint

With Adobe LeanPrint, sending a document to the printer is as simple as ever. To learn more about this innovative solution CLICK HERE to download our brief entitled: Adobe LeanPrint: A new way to print economically and responsibly.