Zoom Imaging Solutions, Inc.

To Our Competitors...

This section is designed to assist Sales Reps at other office product institutions who are shopping our Web site.

We appreciate the frustration you may be experiencing.

Once you’ve confirmed the fact that we do have this incredible focus on raving customer loyalty with an unbeatable work atmosphere, why don’t you just call us? We’re always looking for Customer Account Managers who are intelligent enough to know the competition and want the best for their clients.

Unlike most institutions in our industry, we aggressively advertise and provide our sales reps with all the leads they can handle. Spending huge amounts per month in advertising makes this easy. This allows you to do, what you do best, instead of constantly trying to schmooze with the leads group community for another possible lead.

In addition to an exceptional support staff and competitive programs, we offer a benefits package with insurance, 401k etc…etc…. Our sales reps consistently make above industry average income.

We’re currently in the process of increasing our staff to assist us with the abundance of calls; we’ve tried to help you by providing you this portion of our site. Now it’s your turn to help us with our problem by bringing your talent over here to help us take care of our customers.

Please call us at (916) 369-6526 to setup an interview.


Ed Roe
200 S. Harding Blvd
Roseville, CA 95678
(916) 369-6526

Available Jobs

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